Different Types of Drywall Finishes for Commercial Spaces

When it comes to finishing a commercial space, choosing the right type of drywall finish is an important decision. Not only does the finish affect the overall look of the space, but it also plays a role in durability and maintenance. In this blog, we will discuss different types of drywall finishes for commercial spaces, specifically in the Charleston, SC area.

Standard or Level 1 Finish

The standard or level 1 finish is the most basic type of drywall finish. It involves a single coat of joint compound applied to the seams, followed by a light sanding. This type of finish is typically used in areas that will be covered by paint or wallpaper, such as offices or conference rooms. The standard finish is also the most cost-effective option as it requires minimal labor and materials.

Level 2 Finish

A little more extensive technique is required for a level 2 finish than for a regular finish. A level 2 finish entails applying a thin layer of joint tape to the seams in addition to the joint compound and mild sanding. This kind of finish is frequently utilized in open places like lobbies or reception rooms. A level 2 finish delivers a somewhat smoother finish and is more resilient than a normal finish.

Level 3 Finish

The level 3 finish is the most detailed type of drywall finish. It includes all of the steps of a level 2 finish, as well as the addition of a second coat of joint compound and a final light sanding. This type of finish is often used in high-end commercial spaces, such as hotels or high-end retail stores. A level 3 finish offers the smoothest finish and is the most durable option.

Texture Finishes

For commercial settings, a textural finish is an additional choice. With this kind of finish, the drywall is given a textured surface using a roller or trowel. A knockdown, orange peel, or splatter finish are just a few examples of the patterns that can be used for this. Texture finishes are frequently utilized in settings that need to conceal flaws or that wish to stand out more. Any drywall surface flaws can also be covered up with a textured finish.

Acoustic Finishes

Acoustic finishes are designed to improve the acoustics of a space. These finishes involve the use of special compounds and techniques to create a more sound-absorbent surface. This type of finish is often used in spaces that require sound control, such as conference rooms or recording studios. An acoustic finish can help reduce echo and improve sound quality.


To choose the appropriate finish for your particular commercial area, it is crucial to speak with a qualified drywall contractor. Your choice of finish will be influenced by the space’s intended use, the amount of use it will endure, and your aesthetic preferences. A qualified contractor can advise you on the right sort of finish for your requirements and make sure it is installed correctly for long-lasting effects.

When choosing a contractor for your commercial space, it’s important to look for someone who has experience working in commercial spaces and is familiar with the different types of drywall finishes. It’s also important to ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured. A professional contractor will be able to work with you to determine the best type of finish for your space, as well as provide an accurate estimate for the cost of the project.

In order for you to judge the caliber of the contractor’s work, they should also be able to provide references from prior commercial projects. Your commercial space may be made to be not only attractive but also strong and useful with the correct contractor and finish. The correct finish may increase the space’s value and improve both the workplace and customer experience. As a result, it’s crucial to thoroughly analyze the many drywall treatment options and select the one that best suits your demands. You may design a commercial space that is both attractive and useful with the correct finish and contractor.

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