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Taylor Locklear Drywall is capable of handling commercial drywall installations and residential drywall installations. Whether you are looking for an install on a new home, or an installation on multiple commercial properties you just acquired, our drywall experts are ready to help you. As a trusted name in Charleston, our company takes great pride in providing professional and cost-effective services to our clients. Having your drywall installed correctly and to your expectations is a promise we make and a promise we keep.

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Drywall installation requires expertise, experience, and equipment. We understand many people who believe they can do it themselves, but correctly and efficiently hanging drywall is too important to mess up. Even for small jobs, saws and tools that most people do not have lying around at home are needed. Our team has worked with many types of wall materials and know the best methods to work with each type of material. We are fully licensed and insured and know that the work we do saves each client time, money, and frustration.

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Taylor Locklear Drywall services the Greater Charleston Area and takes pride in knowing the area and developing relationships with each client. We offer our services at an affordable rate to ensure that you are getting the highest quality work from our team at the best price. Our team talks with our clients, listens to their concerns, and provides honest answers to questions they have. We believe this builds trust between us and provides a sense of security in the work we will do for them. We look forward to getting to know you as a client and earning the opportunity to work with you!

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