The Pros and Cons of Textured Drywall Finishes

For interior walls and ceilings, drywall is a popular material because it is long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to install. But plain drywall can appear a little lifeless. The use of textured drywall finishes in this situation. They can conceal flaws in the drywall itself and give a room visual depth and interest. But like any fashion, using textured drywall finishes has its benefits and drawbacks. We’ll examine both arguments in this blog post so you can decide whether textured drywall finishes are appropriate for your upcoming project.

What are textured drywall finishes?

Applying a layer of joint compound to the drywall surface, followed by manipulating the compound with various tools to create a pattern or texture, is how textured drywall finishes, also known as “drywall texture,” are produced. Knockdown, orange peel, skip trowel, popcorn, and swirl are just a few of the numerous textured drywall finish varieties. From subtle and understated to bold and dramatic, each of these textures can produce a different look and feel in a space.

The pros of textured drywall finishes

The popularity of textured drywall finishes among homeowners and designers can be attributed to a number of factors. They can, for starters, conceal flaws in the drywall itself. A textured finish can help cover up dents, scratches, and other flaws in your walls or ceilings. Second, the depth and dimension that textured drywall finishes can add to a space makes for a more engaging and dynamic visual experience. Large, flat walls and ceilings can also be broken up by them to help the room feel less monotonous. Third, a textured finish can help hide any dings, dents, or scuffs that might occur if your walls or ceilings are vulnerable to damage (for example, from children, pets, or frequent moving of furniture). Finally, since the texture helps to conceal dirt and grime, textured drywall finishes may be easier to clean than smooth drywall. For textured walls to look their best, a quick wipe with a damp cloth or a light dusting are frequently all that are required.

The cons of textured drywall finishes

While textured drywall finishes have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to take into account. First off, it can be challenging to repair textured walls or ceilings without leaving glaring patches (for example, from a leak or a hole from a nail). It can be challenging to match the texture of the surrounding area, and the repaired area might be noticeable from the rest of the wall or ceiling. Second, even though textured drywall finishes come in a wide variety, there may not be as many design options as there are for smooth drywall. If you have a specific style in mind for your walls or ceilings, textured drywall might not be able to help you realize it.


Finally, textured drywall finishes can be a fantastic way to add visual interest and depth to a space while also concealing flaws and facilitating easier cleaning. They do, however, have some possible drawbacks, like difficulty in repairing damage and constrained design options. Before deciding whether textured drywall finishes are the best choice for your upcoming project, carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.


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